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Black Label Milk Chocolate Bar – 1000mg THC

Black Label Milk Chocolate Bar – 1000mg THC


THC 1000 MG



Buy Black Label Milk Chocolate Bar – 1000mg THC Online UK

These edibles  are rich in flavors are infused with THC in every serving. This high THC cannabis edibles are delicious. Nevertheless, the head-high effect lasts long to give a pleasurable experience.
Start chewing the edible in small portions and increase the dosage as needed, in small portions as well.

These amazing chocolate bars come packed with flavor and 600mg of THC. The perfect size to take to the movies, by that I mean the couch in your living room, and enjoy with some fresh microwave popcorn or Jiffy Pop if you don’t have a microwave
Each tab of chocolate contains 166mg THC
Yumz chocolate bars contain THC and chocolate.

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