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Gelato Hash

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Gelato Hash at Bud Green UK is made with a water extraction and is a double filtered hash. This means they made the the materials go to sieves twice before putting it to dry.

Gelato is a pretty good strain for making hash. It creates a lot of crystals and often has a purple or more dark tone. Gelato often has a sweet ice cream like taste but can also have more citrus phenotypes.

The hash is a soft and easy to bend and has a soft hazelnut color that turns a little lighter when you break it. The trichomes stick together and crumble up a bit when pulling the hash. A strong sour and citrus smell escapes.

Gelato hash contains a very high thc percentage up to 42% and up to 6% CBD. Something you would except for a water style extraction. The 6% CBD is ideal to keep you safe from any negative side effects the high THC percentage. Making a more pleasant high.

Our extraction methods concentrate cannabis’s richest features to enhance potency without introducing solvents that sacrifice the plant’s native chemical structure. The result is a cleaner concentrate that naturally enhances the terpene and cannabinoid profiles inherent to premium cannabis.

How To Smoke Hash

The options for smoking hash are endless. It is most convenient and worthwhile to sprinkle or “crown” a little bit of hash into your bong or pipe bowls, or to mix it in with your joints, and then kick back and relax.

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