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High Voltage THC Vape

High Voltage THC Vape


High Voltage – Sauce Cart Refills



Buy High Voltage THC Vape Online UK & Europe

High Voltage THC Vape Extracts brings to you a truly amazing vape cartridge. Tired of cheap tanks that leak and sometimes impossible to get a decent pull, NO MORE with these quality tanks that boast amazing hardware, and quality oil and distillate. This product goes even one step further by having the tank is encased in a childproof, suspended bottle that won’t damage your tank during shipping, and allows you swap tanks as they screw back into its bottle easily, so you don’t have to have tanks laying around and forgetting what strain is what.

Each order comes with

1 High Voltage sauce cartridge refill

510 Threaded

Available Flavours :

Gelato, Green Crack, GMO Zkilttles, Ice Cream, Wedding Cake, Jelly Breath, Tropical Punch, Sour Tangie

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