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Cheap Ice Cream Cake Live Resin Concentrate UK

Ice Cream Cake Live Resin at Bud Green UK  is made from living plant material frozen immediately after harvest. This process preserves the highest quality terpene profile possible. Quality Live Resin in the UK

Information About Ice Cream Cake  Strain

Ice Cream Cake is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain. Ice Cream Cake packs a super delicious cheesy creamy flavor.  With a sweet nuttiness that lingers long after you finish your final toke. The aroma is of the same nature.  A light pungent effect to it that’s released as the nugs are burned. The Ice Cream Cake high is just as beautiful as the flavor . The lifted and relaxing effects  will have you kicking back in no time flat. The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects that lift your mind into a state of pure happiness and ease. So,  pushing out any negative or racing thoughts immediately. Soon after, a relaxing body high will start to creep into your physical form, leaving you falling deeper and deeper into a couch-locked . So , with these calming effects and its high 20-25% average THC level, Ice Cream Cake is  perfect for treating those suffering from depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea or appetite loss.

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