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Khalifa Kush Pre-rolled Joints

Khalifa Kush Pre-rolled Joints


Each joint contains 1.5 grams of Cannabis
THC:  26%



Buy Khalifa Kush Pre-rolled Joints Online UK

The use of shake is a widespread practice- and it ensures that all of a dispensary’s flower is put to use.Khalifa Kush Pre-rolled Joints. But it can also ruffle feathers. Some consumers think shake is low-quality cannabis- which isn’t necessarily the case. In essence- shake is just smaller pieces of the same quality stuff.

But there are caveats. Shake can be of low quality if it’s dry — usually the result of jars sitting out too long — or if it contains stems and bits of leaves. And sometimes shake from various strains can be combined when making pre-rolls (sometimes called mystery or rainbow rolls). There’s also a bigger problem: Trim masquerading as shake. Before buying a bunch of pre-rolls- it’s not a bad idea to sacrifice one and cut it open. The contents should look about the same as if you’d ground up a new nug.

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