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Labanese Camel Hash

Labanese Camel Hash


Labanese Camel Hash – AAAAA



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Labanese Camel Hash. The Lebanese have grown and harvested cannabis for many years and produce some of the best hash in the world. The majority of cannabis in Lebanon is grown in the Bekaa Valley, making use of the regions extremely fertile soil. The Bekaa Valley is the heart of Lebanese agriculture and the number one location for cannabis cultivation.

Lebanese Hash comes in two distinct varieties: yellow and red. Some say that the difference is a result of two separate strains, when in fact, yellow and red Lebanese Hash is actually produce with cannabis from different stages in the growth cycle. Yellow Lebanese Hash is made from plants that have been harvested at an earlier stage of development. This produces a high that is more pronounced in cerebral effects.

Red Lebanese Hash is produce using plants that are a little older and are they contain higher amounts of the non-psychoactive compound Cannabinol (CBN) – resulting in a hash that producers more mild effects.

Our extraction methods concentrate cannabis’s richest features to enhance potency without introducing solvents that sacrifice the plant’s native chemical structure. The result is a cleaner concentrate that naturally enhances the terpene and cannabinoid profiles inherent to premium cannabis.

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