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Wedding Pie Live Resin

Wedding Pie Live Resin





Get Wedding Pie Live Resin Concentrate Online UK

Here at Bud Green UK , Wedding Pie Live Resin is made from living plant material frozen immediately after harvest. This process preserves the highest quality terpene profile possible.

Wedding Pie is a slightly indica strain. When it comes to a super sweet flavor, Wedding Pie is perfect. This bud packs a sweet grape and berry taste with hints of nutty dough and light spices into each and every toke. The aroma takes a pungent turn, with a dank herbal overtone that’s emphasize by sour berries and spicy grapes. The Wedding Pie high is just as unique as the flavor with full-bodied effects that hit both mind and body with different finishes. You’ll feel a light tingle at the onset of the high that quickly rushes through your mind, filling it with a heavy buzz that is blissfully unfocused and calming in nature. A sense of physical calm comes next, washing over your body and leaving you fully relaxed and hopelessly couch-locked. With these heavy effects and its super high THC level, Wedding Pie  perfect for treating chronic pain.  Inflammation, spasticity, insomnia and headaches or migraines.

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