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Wonka Bars

Wonka Bars


THC: 300 mg



Buy Wonka Bars Edibles Online UK

Here at Bud Green UK, 300 mg of THC are infused into a delicious chocolate bar. Wonka bar is the creamiest and sweetest candy bar you will see nowadays. These edibles are made from a blend of Wonka strains or Wonka oil with some chocolate. These bars do have a THC of around 22% and best recognized by marijuana buyers with high THC tolerance. So, this is best and popular choice for marijuana users looking to relieve symptoms associated with depression, stress and chronic anxiety.

Willy Wonka bar is a chocolate bar which was first created by the willy Wonka candy factory. Willy Wonka bar is extremely scarce now as a result of high demand and so we recommend you buy authentic Wonka bar edibles from the a reliable store. Bud Green UK is here with the authentic bars for you .

So, Willy Wonka bar edibles are one of the new and most popular chocolate bars consumed now in the world.

Bud Green UK provide you with many Wonka bar chocolate flavors such as : capn crunch , cocoa puffs , cookies cream , flipz wonka nutter , smores , samoas and fruity pebbles. These are only available at Bud Green UK so grab as many as you can.

Wonka Bar Effects

These bars surprises consumers with full power. The outcomes are creativity and focus boost right away, noticed by a relaxing body high. You need to play it safe due to it high THC level. We guarantee a long lasting high for all those Wonka chocolate bars. Some common effects are : Euphoria , giggly and uplifting feeling.

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